Question: I’m a beginner, who has never played Gospel Piano, can any part of this course guide me through the beginner process or do I have to first learn Gospel Piano to some extent using another material out there?

Answer: Part One of these courses (Gospel Piano) will guide you through the beginner’s stage and expose you to a lot of concepts that isn’t covered in a lot of materials out there. It’s a step by step learning process that will give you an in depth knowledge of how to start playing gospel piano professionally. Sincerely speaking, this is a no beat around the bush material which focuses on your basic needs in details.

Question: I have been playing gospel keyboard/piano for a few years now and I know how to play Basic Chords with a bit of 7th Chords, which part of the course should I start with?

Answer: We will encourage you to start from Part One through to Part Three, because this is an exceptional course material that covers all your needs to ensure that you sound outstanding when playing gospel Piano/Keyboard. This is because there are concepts taught in Part one that links into Part Two & Three.
What you will learn in each part of the course is for a life time achievement. These course materials are to equip your gospel piano/keyboard playing with a lot of mind blowing and exclusive concepts. Each Part will give you different playing power and will build up your Gospel Piano capacity to a professional level. It also reveals the secrets professional Gospel Piano Players use, in order to free you from begging someone to show you one or Two Chords.

Question: I’ve been playing Gospel Piano for years but I still don’t like the way I sound, I also will like to learn to play piano by ear, I need serious help because I sound redundant and boring and will like to improve my playing creativity. Please advice which part of the Gospel Piano course to purchase to get me started?

Answer: Again, It will be best to acquire the package material, because it focuses on different areas in Gospel Keyboard/Piano, and each part links into one another. Starting the course from Part One will take your playing qualities to the Pro level.
The reason your playing sound boring is because you are not applying concepts and principles that will allow you to play gospel piano professionally. A lot of players memorize Chords and Runs with no understanding of what they are playing and end up applying it at the wrong time.
These materials will definitely empower your gospel piano playing and your gospel keyboard/piano creativity.

Question: I am tired of memorizing Chords, Runs and so on. “Pro gospel keys please help me….,” because I sometimes play those crazy chords that I memorize but my playing still sound off. The Chords I play throws my choir off the key a lot of times. I need a good book to guide me on how to play runs, and crazy chords that will teach me the techniques used to play correctly.
I’ve purchased a lot of gospel piano materials, but I noticed that I end up memorizing them since there are no techniques taught on how to apply the chords.

Answer: The Bible says “wisdom is the principal thing,” if any man lack wisdom let him ask” and go on to say “my people perish because of the lack of knowledge.”
Crazy chords and runs should not be you’re focus, but it should be a part of what you play naturally. The good news is that your hearts desire can come to a reality, and all you need to do is digest Part One to Three of this course material and you will see that your Gospel Keyboard/Piano playing will never remain the same. You will be able to play gospel songs in at least 30 different ways by using these easy techniques, concepts and principles that are in DVD, Audio CD and Guide book format.

Question: How can I benefits from this course? Honestly, I’m extremely tired of sight reading and the time I spend to first learn to read scripts along with the time to perfect my hands, discourages me from learning gospel keyboard/piano.
Is there is any other means to learn to play? I want to be able to use my creativity instead of disguising my personality when playing gospel keyboard. I am the type who likes to be myself in anything that I do and I want to be able to turn music around using my ideas.

Answer: You don’t have to first learn to sight read before using our course materials. The course materials are self explanatory when you follow the concepts taught in Part 1. The concepts in Part 1 will guide you through to Part Three. Once you understand the concepts, you won’t need to memorize or try to wear someone else’s personality before you begin to sound amazing when playing Gospel Piano. This is effortless and it will give you a life time break through in playing pian

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