How To Play Jesus Made Me Glad

How To Play Jesus Made Me Glad

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This lesson will show you how to play Jesus Made Me Glad. You will learn what Peter Oladele played in his video from start to finish, Chord for Chord, runs for runs and note for note. 

This breakdown is good for everyone that want to improve on improvisation.

Benefits of the Song Breakdown:

  • You will be able to play the song exactly the same way it was played
  • You will learn how to improvise using chord progression 
  • You can incorporate lots of improvisations learn in this lesson to any song when playing
  • You will gain lots of ideas on how you can create short improvisation using simple and common scales.

This Package Includes:

  • Audio file of the original song
  • Videos Lessons
  • Midi file of Jesus Made Me Glad song
  • Play Along Track for practice and live performance.