How To Play Ise Oluwa Kole Baje O

How To Play Ise Oluwa Kole Baje O

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This lesson will show you how to play Ise Oluwa Kole Baje O (God's work cannot be destroyed) song. You will learn what Peter Oladele played in his video from start to finish, Chord for Chord, runs for runs and note for note. 

Benefits of the Song Breakdown:

  • You will be able to play the song exactly the same way it was played
  • You will learn complex runs which you can incorporate when playing any song 
  • You will learn Urban Chord voicing played
  • You will learn application of diminished chords in a new ways
  • You will learn application improvisation played note for note

This lesson breakdown the song into sections which make it easy for many to understand the secret behind runs and various chord applications.

This Package Includes:

  • Audio file of the original song
  • Videos of the Lessons in sections (Analysis and Breakdown at a low tempo)
  • Play Along Audio file for your practice and live performance

Don't miss out of this great opportunity that will easily transform your approach to playing keyboard/piano instantly.